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With their combined strengths, Jane Bindloss and Sally Boyle offer personalised management advice to veterinary practices. This includes one-on-one sessions with clinic owners/managers, such as guidance on conducting performance reviews, and whole team workshops, such as a practice culture overhaul.

With two lifetime careers built in the ever-thrilling and challenging world of veterinary practice, SANE will apply sound management techniques and strategies to bring sanity to the most chaotic veterinary business.

Jane Bindloss

Jane has 40 years of working in many aspects of the veterinary industry – nursing, pharmaceutical sales, management, professional associations, advising nationally endorsed training, practice ownership, speaking and consulting on micro-management of veterinary practices.

Sally Boyle

Sally’s 35 year working life has been in the veterinary industry. She has been a veterinary nurse, practice manager, state sales manager for a veterinary wholesaler, partner in a veterinary clinic, conference convener for several veterinary industry associations, as well as partner in SANE Management Solutions for Veterinary Practices.

SANE Veterinary Management Solutions,

for when you need a little sanity in your practice...

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