SANE Vet Management - Recruitment
SANE Veterinary Management - Recruitment
As SANE works with its clients, it sometimes becomes obvious that the role of managing the business side of the practice requires an additional person. One who has the qualifications and experience to be charged with such an important task.

SANE has set the benchmark in this area by introducing the role of Veterinary Business Manager (VBM) to the market. Some original successful candidates have gone on to take follow-up positions in this field, confirming that there is indeed a career pathway for this role.

SANE has recruited many highly successful Veterinary Business Managers by preparing and placing ads for circulation via Seek, LinkedIn etc.; preparing a detailed job description for the specific management position; preparing interview criteria and questions; reading and assessing applications; selecting candidates for first round interviews; conducting first round interviews; selecting three candidates for second stage interview and informing unsuccessful candidates.

SANE-recruited Veterinary Business Managers are invited to join SANE’s Brains Trust.

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