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SANE Vet Management - Events & Marketing for Veterinary Practices
You may not realise it but your practice is already being “marketed” – 24 hours a day through its physical presence and through team members and clients talking about it (regardless of the setting). Once advertising, promotions, school visits and open days etc are added to the mix, a really effective marketing plan can be devised and measured. Talk to us about convening a community event, facilitating a focus group meeting or creating a customised marketing plan.

By the way – SANE has convened over 25 national annual conferences for the veterinary sector. They’ve fine-tuned their formula – to return a great profit from these events.

Let SANE ease the pressure and get your event management sorted!

SANE Veterinary Management - Community Events

Community Events

Let’s be quite clear about this – the local community is your source of income. SANE can guide the process of positioning your business within the community.


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SANE Veterinary Management - Veterinary Conferences


SANE has been successfully organising major conferences since 1991 when the first Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia event was held.

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SANE Veterinary Management - Focus Groups

Focus Groups

SANE will explore what you’d like to know from your clients, devise a format to ascertain the information and then facilitate an event where clients can speak openly.

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SANE Vet Management - Veterinary Marketing Reports & Planning


We examine your existing image, promotional activities, client referral levels and media and prepare a report which will form the basis for a Tactical Marketing Plan.

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