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Where are you now?

Once the practice has established its Core Values, Vision and Mission Statement, the principal and team will be well placed to determine exactly how they want the practice to be perceived by the local community. SANE will visit your practice to examine your existing image, promotional activities, client referral levels and media and prepare a report which will form the basis for a Tactical Marketing Plan.

Where do you want to be?

There’s not doubt that the physical environment of a practice impacts on the perception of the visiting client. Colours, style and atmosphere should be used with rigorous consistency in all visible aspects of the practice give a sense of intention and permanence to the business. This branding and theme should traverse external and internal decoration, signage, uniforms, and all electronic and printed material.

How are you going to get there?

Your reminder system will be checked for missed opportunities and use of the internet, your website and social media activities will be analysed. SANE will also look into your standing within the community – your public relations and local advertising. We’ll make recommendations about your internal and external decoration, stationery and uniforms. Finally and most importantly, we’ll look at your customer service standards.

A comprehensive report with recommendations for improvement will be delivered along with a tactical Marketing Plan and guidance during implementation.

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